Chris Pointon

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Chris Pointon has been a working Mobile DJ since 1988, based in the UK. visit his website at
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Can I use Biodiesel in my diesel car?

17th December 2008
Can I use biodiesel in my diesel engined car?? First lets dispel some of the myths and frequent misunderstandings surrounding biodiesel usage in the average diesel engined car!. First of all biodiesel is NOT the same as cooking oil, nor is it the same... Read >

Understanding RMS and Peak Wattage Figures on Sound systems

06th April 2006
When choosing an Amplifier and Speakers, it is very easy to get mislead by confusing the many values, associated with power outputs. This short article aims to advise you on what figures to look at and which ignore. RMS = Root Mean Square this is the i... Read >

Understanding Loudspeaker and Amplifier Impedance

06th April 2006
This article gives information on understanding loudspeaker impedance (resistance) which is measured in ohms, and how to match loudspeakers to a suitable power amplifier.The information is relevant to any music system, including in car entertainment, Home... Read >

Denon DN-D4500 Professional Dual Cd Player review

06th April 2006
Denon DN-D4500 dual rack mount CD-deck Several years ago Denon released the DN-4000, the predecessor to the new DN-D4500. The 4000's 2 rack units + 2 rack units "fit anywhere" design, together with its reputation of a simple to use, easy to rely on, au... Read >

How to Become a Mobile DJ

15th March 2006
The Pro's (and woes!) of becoming a Mobile D.J! So how do you become a Mobile D.J?, easy!, just call yourself one!. There are no diploma's or qualifications and no graduation ceremony. However the time may come where you are called upon to demonstrate ... Read >